Friday, March 1, 2013

Cen Yingyuan shows off her 6ft 7in long hair, the result of 11 years without having it cut

'I'm addicted to my hair!': Chinese woman, 44, hasn't cut her 6ft 7in locks in 11 YEARS - and standing just 5ft tall, her tresses are longer than she is

  • Cen Yingyuan hasn't cut her hair in 11 years and admits she is 'addicted' to it
  • Standing at 5ft tall her hair is a foot and a half longer than she is
  • She collects every strand that falls out - around 50g hair a year
  • It takes over an hour to wash and a day and a half to dry
  • Cen has had offers of up to £2,000 for her locks 
  • If she ever found a grey hair, she says she would dye all her hair white


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