Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burning Man 2012

Pictures from the legendary festival held annually in Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Since 1986, revellers have been flocking every year to Burning Man, America's most out-there festival. Ostensibly a music and arts festival, it's a free-spirited free-for-all for those who find everyday society's constrictions a little binding. Over 60,000 festival-goers from around the world have turned out for this year's event, the theme of which is 'Fertility 2.0'.  Click through to see the 20 craziest pictures from Burning Man 2012.Ciberfy (© Reuters)

                                                          Patriot on a bikeCiberfy (© Reuters)

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                                                              Aerialist Indie-LouCiberfy (© Reuters)

                                                         American samurai

Ciberfy (© Reuters)

                                                         Performance artist JovisCiberfy (© Reuters)

                                        An art installation is pictured at sunriseCiberfy (© Reuters)

Festival-goers Steven Babson and Lila Wright sit at the Temple of JunoCiberfy (© Reuters)

Sperry, a reveller, dances in the sunCiberfy (© Reuters)

Travelling in styleCiberfy (© Reuters)

The Unicorn StampedeCiberfy (© Reuters)

Festival-goers Mountain Spirit and Shooting StarCiberfy (© Reuters)

Art installation 'Zontopia and the Two Trees'Ciberfy (© Reuters)

Samurais dance at sunriseCiberfy (© Reuters)

Reveller Ruth Kidd explores the art piece 'Ego'Ciberfy (© Reuters)

Two festival-goers enjoy a bottle of wine and a kissCiberfy (© Reuters)

Flaming tubaCiberfy (© Reuters)

Bare-knuckle fighting at the Thunder DomeCiberfy (© Reuters)

Art car 'The Sperminator'Ciberfy (© Reuters)

Sunset at Burning ManCiberfy (© Reuters)

The climaxCiberfy (© Reuters)


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