Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top 10 Fastest Computers in the World

These following fastest computers in the world will help you to do your job, of course. Not only in common field, but also it’s very useful in specific field where you spend your work on, specially in the Department of Energy. And if you thought you PC was fast, wait until you see the fastest computer in the world can do. Every year, some magazines rank the world’s fastest computers of all. And below are the fastest of them. Check them out.
1. Tianhe-1A
Tianhe-1A is one of the fastest computers in the world. It can run at a sustained 2.5 petaflops (about a thousand trillion floating point operations per second). It also has 186,369 cores and 229,376GB of RAM and features an Nvidia chips which New York Times stated that when its speed is down to its interconnect, this computer is still able to be used in many other connections.
This computer is China’s supercomputer which is also currently the world’s fastest super computer. The headquarter of the company of this faster computer is located in Shenzhen’s National Supercomputing Center, where it’s used by several universities and Chinese companies.
2. Jaguar
Jaguar is one of the fastest computers in the world. It has quite a few cores which TOP500 stated that there are nearly a quarter of a million cores since its most recent upgrade few years ago. This fastest computer has about 224,164 cores which come courtesy of a whole bunch of six-core Opteron chips. Its performance is a hefty 1.76 petaflops. Oak Ridge, a National Laboratory where its headquarter is located, stated that Jaguar is the world’s fastest supercomputer for unclassified research.

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3. Dawning Nebulae
Dawning Nebulae
Dawning Nebulae is one of the fastest computers in the world. It was launched in early 2010 and considered as the fastest supercomputer in the world before having been beaten by Jaguar and Tianhe-1A. Its performance uses 1.27 petaflops, about 2 times higher than its sibling, the Nebulae. The company of this fastest computer in the world is also located in the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen.
4. Tsubame 2.0
Tsubame 2.0
Tsubame is one of the fastest computers in the world. It peaks at 2.3 petaflops, with sustained performance of around 1.4 petaflops and has Nvidia Fermi GPU as well as Intel CPUs. A project leader, Professor Satoshi Matsuoka stated that this fastest computer in the world will be really useful in climate and weather forecasting, biomolecular modelling and tsunami simulations.
5. Hopper
Hopper is one of the fastest computers in the world. It offers its services to more than 3,000 researchers in the fields of climate research, chemistry, new material development and other crucial fields. It is working on the big stuffs based on its fields, including climate change, clean energy, astrophysics and particle physics. The headquarter of the company of this fastest computer in the world is located in the U.S Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. No wonder that its function is related to climate change, etc.
6. Tera-1oo
Tera-100 is one of the fastest computers in the world and is also the first petaflop-scale supercomputer to be designed and built in Europe. When it was launched, some media press said that its capacity to transfer information is equivalent to a million people watching high-definition films simultaneously.
This fastest computer was built around Intel Xeon 7500 processors. Its successor to 2005′s Tera 100 is about 20 times faster and seven times more energy efficient as its predecessor. Its mission is to help guarantee the reliability of Europe’s nukes.
7. Roadrunner
Roadrunner is one of the fastest computers in the world. It was the first supercomputer to crack the petaflop barrier for sustained performance, but it’s 1.04 petaflop speed means it fell to seventh place in just two years. This fastest computer in the world was built by IBM for the U.S Department of Energy and was designed to work out whether the U.S’ nuclear weapons would remain safe as they age.
8. Kraken
Kraken is one of the fastest computers in the world. The National Institute for Computational Sciences reported that it’s best suited to jobs which use “at least 512 cores” and has about 112,895 computer cores spread across 9,408 nodes. The purpose of this fastest computer is to help solving the world’s greatest scientific challenges, such as understanding the fundamental of matter and unlocking the secrets to the origin of the universe.
9. Jugene
Jugene is one of the fastest computers in the world. It was designed by German company for solving low power consumption as well as high performance. It’s also been involved in some interesting projects including trying to work out how DVDs work. According to Scientific Computing, it’s improving our understanding of “the processes involved in writing and erasing a DVD”, which should lead to storage media that works better, lasts longer and provides higher capacity.
10. Cielo
Cielo is one of the fastest computers in the world. It’s used for “classified operations” by the U.S National Nuclear Security Administration. This fastest computer is also very useful for nuclear science which are a match-made in heaven. It has its 6,704 computing nodes and will be upped to 9,000. The memory of this fastest computer will go from 221.5 TB to around 300TB.


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