Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top 10 Bloggers of the world and their earnings

We all know Blogging is a hobby and half of humans on internet have a blog. But do you know its becoming a serious business, more serious than you can ever imagine. Do you know that there are some bloggers in the world whose earnings sometime exceeds the earning capability of a large firm where thousands of people work.These are the people who have created a new breed of business.
A business where no investement is required except a laptop and an Internet connection (sometime nominal hosting charges).
A business  which anyone can start off but some can really make it BIG.
A business which is location Independent .
A business where 99% of the people start it a hobby and after sometime they see that this hobby had surpassed their lifetime income.
I have tried to collect few bloggers and their earning from the whole world. Have a Look.
1) Blog - TechCrunch
Michael Arrington
Name – Michael Arrington
Age – 40 years
Earning - $8,00,000 per Month
Topics – Sillicon valley startups
Alexa Rank – 355
Launched – 2005
Visitors - 26 million page views per month
Twitter followers – 1.5 million
Advertising methods -Adsense , Banner Ads,Text advertising
About – TechCrunch was started by Michael Arrington in his backyard as a hobby . The problem with him was that he was obsessed with silicon valley startups. He updated his blog with 20-30 posts every day giving minute details of each and every budding idea in the valley. He attended every seminars and presentations and inserted his head into the veins of budding entrepreneurs. His blog constantly rose up and now have become the best tech blog in the world. His blogging team now comprises of 40 bloggers and he had extended his network of other tech blogs.
Michael is now the 1400 character twitter for sillicon valley giving you the latest updates and crunching his bank balance with the huge money earned from advertising on his blogs.
For More Information click read more
pete cashmore
Pete cashmore
Name - Pete CashMore
Earning – $6,00,000 Per Month
Topics – Social media
Alexa Rank – 281
Age – 26 Years
Launched – 2005
Monthly Page Views – 25 million
Twitter Followers – 2 million

Pete Cashmore started Mashable when he was 19 year old. Now Mashable is the most read blog centered around social media. He have converted mashable into a multi author blog and is now one of the hottest geek on the planet.
perez hilton
Perez hilton
Name – Mario Lavandeira
Earning - $2,00,000
Daily Visits - 1 Million Visitors a day
Launched – 2005
Advertising methods – Banners
Topics – Celebrity Gossip
Mario Lavandeira is the man who earns so much by just spreading rumors and juicy gossips of celebrities. He writes 25-30 post everyday. Blogging have made him a celebrity and he regularly gets featured on talk shows and events.
tim sykes
tim sykes
Name – Timothy Sykes
Earning – $ 1,80,000
Age – 29 Years
Topics – Stocks
Revenue sources - From affiliate sales and his paid memebership schemes.
Tim sykes make money writing about money. He had written more than 2000 blog posts till date and give penny stock tips for everyone who can afford his membership area.
5. TutsPlus -
collis taeed
collis taeed
Name – Collis Taeed
Earning – $1,20,000
Topics – Tutorial covering design and tools.
Revenue Source – Membership
Coolis taood is a german web designer who has turned its blog into the most powerful tutorial blog on earth.
Jake Dobkin
Jake Dobkin
Name – Jake Dobkin
Earning $1,10,000
Topics – Newyork city life and events
Founded – 2003
Revenue source – Double Click
Page views – 3.6 Million per month
Almost 75% of the vistor in his blog comes from the richest part on earth (NewYork) and thats the reason behind his high income instead of low visitor statistics.
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall
Name – Matt Marshall
Earning – $1,00,000
Started -2006
Topics – Venture Capital and startups

Matt is MA in German and European Studies from Georgetown University and holds a PhD in Government. Earlier to blogging he was a j0urnalist. Clearly he shifted to online journalism and shifted well.
gina trapani
gina trapani
Name –   Gina Trapani
Earning – $1,08,000
Vistors – 0.3 million visitors per day
Founded – 2005
Topics – Downloads, software and tips

Alexa Rank – 689
Gina is a web developer and tech writer based in san diego and has turned lifehacker into a collaborative money making machine on internet.
vitaly friedman
vitaly friedman
Name –  Vitaly Friedman
Earning – $1,50,000 per month
Topics – Web Design and development
Smashing magazine is the ultimate resource for web desing on web and Vitaly is hugely benefited from this fact.
richard macmanus
richard macmanus
Name – Richard MacManus
Earning – $60,000
Topics – Social media and web trends
Richard Macmanus from newzealand is the founder and co author of readwriteweb and is sharing one of the most profitable weblog in the world.
The list is endless and i could have added more here but the point is that there is no point spending time reading about persons who made it big. I guess ten are enough.
Go on , choose a topic which suits you and start a blog.
Don’t read the Fuc*ing list, Be a part of it


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