Thursday, July 26, 2012

Your London Photos

Looking at St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge in LondonPhoto: Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Holiday LightsPhoto: Christmas lights decorating a London street

More Pics...

Windsor Castle GuardPhoto: Two schoolgirls looking up at guard outside Windsor Castle

Steep stairs lead down into London's Tottenham Court Road tube station.
Photo: Steep stairs leading down into London's Tottenham tube station

London: city of landmarks, icons, and ambitions. The city as the stage, St. Paul's Cathedral and the iconic Routemaster bus framing the unstoppable dance of Londoners as they rush, dodge, and leap obstacles on their quest for a career, a degree, and a life experience.Photo: A London bus passing St. Paul's Cathedral

Tower Bridge

Cars streak across Tower Bridge in London.Photo: Cars streaking across Tower Bridge in London

Trafalgar Square

This was taken on a nice early summer night in Trafalgar Square. Everything came together—the people were just enjoying being outdoors on a lovely evening!Photo: People gathered at London's Trafalgar Square in the evening

Notting Hill Carnival

The annual Notting Hill Carnival in London is the largest in Europe. It has also been marred by violence. Music, dances, and colorful disguises by day are often replaced by wild struggles when the night falls. Nonetheless some policemen, with truly English aplomb, seem to enjoy the duty.Photo: Police officers at the annual Notting Hill Carnival in London

Hyde Park

Photograph by Georgios Stavrinides, My Shot
Walkers enjoy a cold winter day in Hyde Park, London.Photo: Walkers in Hyde Park, London

New and Old Architecture

Photograph by Tina Morse, My Shot
An older building sets off the modern appearance of the office building known as the Gherkin because of its pickle shapePhoto: An older building in front of the modern one known as the Gherkin, in London

Rainy Street

A bus offers a window seat onto London's rainy streets.Photo: A rainy street scene shot from a London bus

Winston Churchill Statue

A statue of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill looks toward Big Ben, the clock tower of Westminster Palace.Photo: A statue of Winston Churchill in front of Big Ben in London

Buckingham Palace

Photograph by Mariusz Smiejek, My Shot
Buckingham Palace, London, England
Photo: Royal guards lining up in front of Buckingham Palace, London

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Square and the statue of Eros
Photo: People gathered in Piccadilly Circus, London

London Bus

This photo was taken of a horse guard, unmoving and watching the busy London world go by.
Photo: A London bus passing a horse guard in uniform

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey on a sunny day in February
Photo: Westminster Abbey on a sunny day

Rainbow Over Tower Bridge

Stumbled upon this beautiful setting last Sunday evening at the iconic Tower Bridge of London. It had just rained, followed by bright sunshine giving way to beautiful rainbows behind the bridge.
Photo: Rainbow over Tower Bridge in London


London streets
Photo: A crosswalk on a London street

London Eye and Skyline

Taken from Westminster Bridge in summer
Photo: The London skyline including the London Eye


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